The Mofette

The mofettes are natural emanations of carbon dioxide, always accompanied by mineral water springs. They are generally recommended for the therapy of rheumatic and heart diseases, but in combination with other treatment elements, they have positive effects in case of other disorders as well.
For capturing the mofettes, there have been special spaces arranged in Slanic Moldova resort, offering the patients all the comfort they need during the treatment session.

Slanic Moldova is a well-known resort for its mineral springs discovered ever since 1801. Along the time, the mineral waters from Slanic have been acknowledged at many international exhibitions (Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt), being compared with Karlovy Vary, Vichy or Aix-les-Bains etc.

Situated in the east of Romania, the resort, surnamed the “Pearl of Moldavia”, has an intramontane climate, with pure air, no dust and particles which may cause allergies, being rich in resinous aerosols and negative ions, while being a permanent season resort.

A stay in Slanic Moldova is highly recommended for digestive disorders (hypoacid and hyperacid chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic colitis), hepatobiliary disorders (biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis), respiratory disorders, metabolic and nutritional disorders, kidney and urinary disorders, peripheral neurological disorders, post-traumatic disorders, associated disorders (degenerative rheumatisms or arthrosis, endocrine, gynecological, occupational disorders, asthenic neurosis), cardiovascular disorders.

Here you can find the mofettes, together with the salt microclimate (from Tg. Ocna) as well as the mineral waters.
You can have internal treatments with mineral waters, aerosols and inhales, as well as baths with heated mineral water, hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, medical physical culture, psychotherapy, melotherapy and geriatrics.