The Ski Slope of Slanic Moldova

The tourist investment is located in Bacau county, in the city of Slanic Moldova, being acknowledged as a national interest tourist resort.

The ski slope is situated in the Nemira Mountains of the Eastern Carpathians, on a northern slope, between the altitudes of 470 and 720 m, having as arrival point the lower station of the chairlift.

The end of the ski slope, namely the lower station of the cable transport installation, is situated near the National Road DN12B Targu Ocna –Slanic Moldova at the crossroads with Nicolae Balcescu street; by going behind the Cerdac Center, you can get directly to the lower station of the chairlift.

  • ·The “Slanic” ski slope will have the departure point at the altitude of 714.20 m, situated in a large clearing offering a beautiful view on the Nemira Mountains. The arrival point of the ski slope is situated at the altitude of 484.92 m, in the area of the lower station of the designed chairlift.
  • ·The route of the ski slope runs at the right of the cable transport installation axle (downwards), following the peak making the connection with Slanic Moldova resort.
  • ·At the altitude of about 490 m, the route of the ski slope crosses the route of the chairlift, passing underneath it, while the arrival of the ski slope is at the left as the chairlift is descending.
  • ·The total level difference of the ski slope is 239.62 m on a distance of 1414 m – which makes the ski slope fall into the category of medium-easy – resulting in an average slope of 17,1%, an inclination which includes it in the easy slopes category and therefore gives the ski slope an extremely high level of attractiveness for most skiers.
  • ·The ski slope is designed for an average width of 38 m.